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Main Menu and Toolbars

The main menu edits the room data as a whole. This set of menu and toolbars handle creating, opening, exporting room data. As well as, undoing changes, redoing changes, room shifting, changing the background color of the room, editing room properties, and a textual layer view tool. It also has standard cut, copy, paste, and delete options for selections.

  • New Project - This creates a new project. (Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + N)
  • Open Project - Opens any supported file types. (Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + O)
  • Save Background - Saves the room's background image to disk. (.png)
  • Save Project - Saves the project to disk. (Shortcut: Ctrl + S)
  • Save As... - Saves the project to disk to a directory of your choosing.
  • Import From... - Imports a new room from various file types. Details on importing can be found here
    • Image File - Imports from a .png image file.
  • Export To... - Exports the room to various file types. Details on exporting projects can be found here
    • Image File - Exports the room to a .png image file. You may also chose what layers to export.
    • Binary File - Exports the room to a custom .bin file that can be read in at runtime by using GML.
    • GM Project File - Exports the room directly to a Game Maker project file. (Supports versions 5 to Studio)
  • Exit - Closes GMare.
  • Undo - Undoes any changes done to the room. Up to 5 times. (Shortcut: Ctrl + Z)
  • Redo - Redoes any previous undo. (Shortcut: Ctrl + Y)
  • Cut - Cuts selections to the clipboard. (Shortcut: Ctrl + X)
  • Copy - Copies selections to the clipboard. (Shortcut: Ctrl + C)
  • Paste - Pastes previous selections from the clipboard. (Shortcut: Ctrl + V)
  • Delete - Deletes the selection. (Shortcut: Del)
  • Contents - Opens the GMare help file.
  • About GMare - Information regarding GMare, credits and details.

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