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Once you have imported objects within your GMare project (Click here for details on how to do that), you can select them through the Object: drop down menu. The menu structure is set up the same way as the project's object tree. Once you have selected an object, you can now create instances of it within GMare's room editor. Do this by clicking the Objects tab (If you haven't already), and then clicking the left mouse button on the Room Editor to display the object under the cursor. Release the button to place it. It will be automatically selected after placement. If you hover the cursor over the instance, the cursor will change indicating that you can move it. You can move an instance by clicking it and holding down the left mouse button while moving it with the mouse. You can also select multiple instances by holding the shift key while clicking and holding the left mouse button, dragging a blue selection rectangle over the desired instances. GMare will select all of instances that are contained in the blue selection rectangle. Alternatively, you can cherry pick instances by holding the Ctrl Key and selecting the desired instances.

Instance List

Within Game Maker, you have the ability to create instances of a selected object. Depending on the situation, and type of game, these instances can really add up. Making it tough to keep track of them throughout the room. GMare tries to solve this problem by making a list of created instances within the room. Not only by displaying them, but also showing their position, and if they have creation code. If the user clicks one of the instances in the list, GMare's Room Editor will auto scroll to that instance and highlight it. If you right click an instance in the list, an options menu will display.

  1. Object - Displays the object sprite the instance derived from.
  2. Script - This column will display a script icon if the instance has creation code.
  3. Instance - The name of the instance, and the position in the room.
  4. Block Instance - An instance that is used as a block. Has a pink background color.

Instance Menu

The instance menu will pop-up if the user right clicks a selected instance on either the Room Editor, or the instance list.

  • Sort Original Order - Sorts the instances in the order they were crated in.
  • Sort Ascending - Sorts the instances in ascending alphabetical order.
  • Sort Decending - Sorts the instances in descending alphabetical order.
  • Replace With - Replaces the selected instance(s) with the selected object type.
  • Replace All With - Replaces all instances of the selected type with the selected object type.
  • Cut - Cuts the selected instance(s) from the room and puts it on the clipboard. (Shortcut: Ctrl + X)
  • Copy - Copies the selected instance(s) from the room and puts it on the clipboard. (Shortcut: Ctrl + C)
  • Paste - Pastes instance(s) from the clipboard. (Shortcut: Ctrl + V)
  • Change Position - Changes the select instance's position within the room.
  • Bring To Front - Brings the selected instance(s) to the highest depth.
  • Send To Back - Sends the selected instance(s) to the lowest depth.
  • Snap To Grid - Snaps the selected instance(s) to the room grid.
  • Creation Code... - Edits the selected instance(s) creation code.
  • Select All - Selects all instances of the selected instance type.
  • Delete - Removes the selected instance. (Shortcut: Del)
  • Delete All - Removes all of the selected instance type.
  • Clear All Instances - Removes all instances from the room, except any block instances.

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