Getting Started

There really isn't much you have to do to get started in GMare. By default, GMare starts with an empty room and a layer selected ready for editing. It's just a matter of what you plan to do with the room. Remember to make good use of GMare's shortcut keys, as it speeds up editing. A list of shortcut keys and their functions can be found here.

Tile Editing

If you wish to set tiles within GMare, Just click the Tiles main tab and then the Edit Background button located on the Background panel.
Once you have clicked that, the Edit Background screen will pop-up. Click the Get Background button to either choose an image file to use as your background graphic, or choose a supported Game Maker project file to import a background from. It is recommended that you choose a background from a Game Maker project file to auto populate any background tileset settings. After you have set the background settings, click the Ok button to begin tile editing. When the Edit Background screen closes, click one of the paint tools on the Background panel and start painting on the room editor. If you can't seem to paint anything, make sure you've selected a layer to paint onto from the Layers list, and that the eye icon is open. For more information on tile creation and editing, click here.

Object Editing

If you want to set object instances on your room, you will need to import objects from a Game Maker project. You do so by clicking the Objects tab, and then clicking the Import Objects button on the Objects tab. From the screen, choose the project you want to import objects from. GMare will load the objects to the object drop down menu. (The object drop down will no longer be grayed out when all the objects have loaded). Choose an object you want to make instances of by clicking the Object Ellipse button on the object drop down. A menu tree of the objects you imported into GMare will display. Select an object from the menu tree and then just click on the room editor to create an instance of the selected object. For more information on instance creation and editing, click here.

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