The entities in which the player interacts within Game Maker games are called objects. Objects are like blue prints that instances are derived from in Game Maker's room editor. Anytime a user selects an object from the object menu, and then clicks on the room editor, they are making an instance of that object. While Game Maker's support for instance editing and creation are decent, they too can use some improvement. GMare tries to make this easier with expanded tools like, replace instance with, select all instances of, multiple instance selection, multiple instance creation code editing, instance list, and a block editor. All these tools can be found on the Objects tab.

  1. Import Objects - Loads objects from a Game Maker project into GMare. (versions 5 - 8.1) (Shortcut: O)
  2. Objects - When objects are loaded, by clicking the Ellipse button you can choose the object to create on the Room Editor.
  3. Instances - A list of instances. The list displays each instance's position, if they're a block instance, and if they have creation code.
  4. Block Editor - A tool that will place an instance of the chosen object at the assigned tile. Makes wall tiles quick and easy.

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