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Importing Objects

By default GMare does not magically know what objects you have created in your project. So you have to tell it where your game objects are, so it can import them in. You do this by clicking the Objects Tab on the main interface, and then clicking the button that looks like a window, with a red dot in it. Which is located on the Objects Toolbar. After clicking it, a dialog pops-up asking you which project it should load. (versions 5 - 8.1) Upon choosing the desired project, GMare will load the objects into it's object menu. If there is any conflicts with existing objects, it will let you know. You will have to do this everytime you want to update your objects within GMare. It does not watch for changes within your project.

Instance Options Menu

If you have imported objects previously, and it was from a different project, or if you deleted the original object in Game Maker that GMare is currently using, chances are there's going to be a conflict. Either objects are not going to match up, or they are missing. To resolve this issue, GMare will ask you to either delete these existing instances, or replace them with an object from the newly imported project.

  1. Target Object - This is an image showing what object whos instances need to be removed or replaced.
  2. Imported Objects - This is a copy of the project's object tree. You choose an object through this if you are looking to replace the target object.
  3. Replace - Once you have chosen an object, this button lights up. If you click it, every instance of the target object will be changed to the selected object.
  4. Delete - If the delete button is clicked, GMare will delete all instances of the target object from your room.

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