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Importing a Background

While you can start editing in GMare without a background to use as tiles, you most likely want to set the background to use for tile editing. To do this, click the Tiles Tab on the main interface, and then click the button on the Tiles Toolbar that looks like a picture.(Shortcut: P) The background editor will then pop up. The background editor allows you to choose an existing image file, (Much like Game Maker does for it's background objects) or you can select a Game Maker project file (versions 5 - 8.1) to choose the import the background properties from. Once a selection has been made, click OK to accept. You can change the settings at any time.

Tileset image courtesy of

  1. Ok - Accepts the background's settings.
  2. Cancel - Cancels the background edit.
  3. Background - Opens up a file dialog to get an image or Game Maker project file used as the room's background. Supported image formats are .png, .gif, or .bmp. Supported color depths range from 8bit to 32 bit. Supported Game Maker project files, versions 5 - 8.1.
  4. Eyedropper - When checked, this will use the image's bottom left most pixel as the transparency color. This is for versions of Game Maker that are older than GM8.
  5. Grid - Toggles the tile grid on or off.
  6. Zoom - Magnifies the image from 100% to 300%. (Shortcut: Ctrl + or Ctrl -)
  7. Tile Size - The size of a tile, in pixels. 8 to 128.
  8. Tile Offset - The calculated offset from the upper left most part of the tileset. 0 to 10.
  9. Tile Separation - The amount of space between each tile, in pixels. 0 to 10.
  10. Background - The image used as the background.
  11. Status Bar - Displays the size of the image in pixels, as well as the transparent color if used. (The bottom left most pixel)

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