Brush Tools

Designing a room graphically can be quite a time consuming ordeal. GMare tries to make this less of a burden with tools that make the job as easy and painless as possible. To accomplish this GMare uses brushes. A brush is a tile or group of selected tiles used to paint the room. To create a brush, first click the Tiles Tab from the main interface, and make sure the background has been set by clicking the button on the Tiles Toolbar that looks like a picture (Shortcut: P). Once tiles have been loaded, click the desired tile from the image in the Tiles Tab. To select a group of tiles, click and hold down the left mouse button, drag the mouse over multiple tiles, then release. Once the brush has been selected, you can use it to draw in the room editor.

There are two brush tools. The tile brush (Shortcut: B), and the bucket fill brush (Shortcut: F). The tile brush tool paints the selected brush to the room editor by clicking the left mouse button. You can hold down the button and move the mouse to paint to the room continuously. The bucket fill brush tool fills an entire area up with the selected brush. Using the original tile of origin as the tiles to fill in. To erase any tiles drawn, hold in the shift button and the left mouse button. Paint over any tiles you want erased.

Brush Menu

If you right click the room editor in Tile edit mode, you are presented with a menu of options that affect the selected brush. Most of these options are only available for binary export, and even then, can only be supported by pro versions of Game Maker. GMare will warn you of this the first time you decide to use these options.

  • Flip Brush Horizontally - Flips the selected brush horizontally. Note: Used only for binary export. The scaling values will not be used when exported to a Game Maker project. (Shortcut: Right Arrow)
  • Flip Brush Vertically - Flips the selected brush vertically. Note: Used only for binary export. The scaling values will not be used when exported to a Game Maker project. (Shortcut: Down Arrow)
  • Change Blend Colors - Opens a standard color dialog. The brush will be color blended with your selection. Note: Used only for binary export. The blending color will not be used when exported to a Game Maker project.
  • Edit Brushes - When clicked this displays a list of saved brushes made with the selection tool.
  • Brush(es) - These are brushes that you saved previously with the selection tool. Click to use.

Brush Editor

Any saved brushes via the selection tool will show in the brush menu. There are times when you want to edit these brushes. By clicking Edit Brushes, you can accomplish just that.

  1. Ok - Accepts any brush changes.
  2. Cancel - Cancels any brush change operation.
  3. Delete - Deletes the selected brush from the list.
  4. Move Up - Moves the selected brush up the list.
  5. Move Down - Moves the selected brush down the list.
  6. Brushes - The list of brushes you've created. Select one to edit.

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