A flag list of what should be shown.

Feb 11, 2011 at 5:12 PM
Edited Feb 11, 2011 at 8:11 PM

If you have messed with GM's room editor, you surely know of it's check off list of what can, and what cannot be shown. Like if you wanted only objects to be shown you could use the drop down list and check and uncheck what you please to achieve that. Someone has suggested that GMare have the same option. At first I agreed, however, now I'm not sure it is necessary. Consider my argument. GMare's lower layers are darkened, and the upper layers are alpha blended, the currently selected layer is normal. The whole purpose of this is to show the user in an intuitive way what layer they are editing. This was one of my major frustrations with Game Maker's room editor. I ALWAYS placed a tile on the wrong layer because at some point I forgot what layer I was editing at the time. Game Maker's way around that problem was to have a Show Tiles flag option. Also, there aren't many times the user just wants to show objects without the environment. Maybe it would be helpful to have that option if the objects blended too well with the tiles. (A way around this is to darken the tile rendering when editing objects) Honestly, I find the flag list to be something I forget that I have set when in the heat of editing, and found it more cumbersome than helpful. GMare doesn't use background or foregrounds. (Leaving these to be set in Game Maker instead) So I'm thinking of just changing the tiles to darken in Instance editing mode, and making all the items opaque on View All mode. I'm also thinking of adding shortcuts to get to these modes faster. like ctrl + 1, to get to View All mode, ctrl + 2 for Collision mode etc.. etc.. Tell me what you think.