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Import From Image

This feature allows you to make a room out of an image. To do this, click File>>Open Project. Find the desired supported image file (.bmp, .png, .gif) and open it. From there the Image to Room editor will open. Select the desired preoperties, and then click the Compile Tiles button. GMare will then go through the image to find all the unique tiles within the image to build a background out of it. GMare typically does this quite fast, but if the progress bar is not moving, you can click the Cancel Tile Compile button to cancel out of the operation. Once you have compiled the background tiles. You can either accept the tiles as is, or manually select and move them around to create your own custom background. You do so by clicking the left mouse button to select one tile, or click and hold the left mouse button while dragging to select multiple tiles. Once a selection has been made, you can move those tiles to the desired position. You may also delete tiles you don't need by right clicking after making a selection, and choosing Clear Tiles from the menu.

Image to Room Editor

  1. Ok - Accepts the image to room operation.
  2. Cancel - Cancels the image to room operation.
  3. Compile Tiles - Compiles tiles from the source image.
  4. Cancel Tile Compile - Cancels tile compilation.
  5. Undo - Undoes any tile manipulation.
  6. Redo - Redoes any previous undo.
  7. Grid - Toggles the tile grid on or off.
  8. Zoom - Magnifies the image from 100% to 300%. (Shortcut: Ctrl + or Ctrl -)
  9. Tile Columns - The number of tiles horizontally the background will have.
  10. Room Name - Personalized name for the room.
  11. Tile Size - The size of a tile, in pixels. 8 to 128.
  12. Tile Offset - The calculated offset from the upper left most part of the tileset. 0 to 10.
  13. Tile Separation - The amount of space between each tile, in pixels. 0 to 10.
  14. Original Image - The image used for the source tiles, and the new room design.
  15. Tile Editor - Allows to custom edit the tiles.
  16. Status Bar - Shows the status of the editor, the number of compiled tiles, and the progress while compiling.

Selection Menu

After you have made a selection, you can right click the selection to display a menu with further options.

  • Deselect - Deselects the selected tile(s).
  • Clear Tile(s) - Clears the selected tile(s).

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