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Title: Game Maker Alternative Room Editor (GMare)
Programming Language: c#
Language: English
Requirements: Windows XP or greater, .net 4.0, OpenGL 1.1
Other Development Links: Pyxosoft Forum, YoYo Games Forum (Archived)

GMare is an open source alternative room editor for the RAD tool Game Maker (Versions 5 to Studio). Offering a robust toolset to create rooms quickly and easily. It also offers various import and export options.

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Update!! (9/17/2016)

Working to get GMare 1.19 up and running with new features carried over from GMare 2.0. This is an interim release to satisfy outdated areas of GMare 1.XX. Features will include:

  • Optimized background tile control, it's quicker, and allows for scrolling past the control when selecting tiles
  • Scaling of instances, with UI controls and nodes on the instance you can use to increase/decrease instance scale
  • Flip instances, with UI controls that apply simple flipping
  • Rotation of instances, with UI controls and nodes on the instance you can use to rotate an instance
  • Color blend instances, with UI to control separate color channels
  • Update any export/import file types with the latest and greatest from GM

WIP Screen
WIP Screen

Next Major Beta Release Road Map (Beta 2.0):

  • Updated room editor using the SFML library for faster rendering and texture loading
  • Import room from a Game Maker project
  • Multiple background support
  • Import backgrounds from a Game Maker project
  • A "floating" room editor that is not docked to the top left corner
  • Updated Undo/Redo triggers and alert system, and unlimited Undo/Redos
  • The rectangle paint tool, which will create a repeating pattern of selected tiles or instances
  • Randomize option, to randomize tile painting using the selected brush
  • Brushes that retain the tile selection and instance selection data
  • Unified paint tools, to be able to use any paint tool for either tiles or instances
  • Multiple UI theme options
  • Instance and tile tools/UI for scaling, rotation, and color blending
  • Export area tool, (Select a portion of the room to export using any export option)
  • Native clipboard cut/copy/paste to be able to transfer to other rooms
  • Auto tile painting, sometimes called terraforming
  • Scaling screen multipliers, to match your game output ratio
  • UI optimizations
  • Reorganize Tiles, reorganize your tiles without messing up your room design

Work in progress image 01
Work in progress image 02

Work in progress image 03

Work in progress image 04

Work in progress image 05

Screen 01
Screen 02
Screen 03
Screen 04
Screen 05
Screen 06
Screen 07


  • Rooms are created in separate project files which can be shared easily within a dev team environment
  • Rooms can be exported to an image file, a binary file, or a Game Maker project file
  • Import room from an image file (.png, .bmp, .gif)
  • Easy to use tools and intuitive design. Making for less mistakes when switching between tile layers
  • Brush tool, a selection of tiles, brushes can be saved for later use
  • Bucket Fill tool, fills in map areas with the selected brush
  • Selection tool, cut, copy, create brushes from, and paste tiles where needed
  • Tile Replace tool, swaps single or multiple tiles
  • Move layer tool, shifts a single layer, or all layers in a desired direction and amount
  • Layer text viewer, lists tiles in various text formats
  • Import objects from a Game Maker project
  • Import background from a Game Maker project
  • Fast instance painting by holding down the ctrl key and holding down the left mouse button
  • Instance selection tool, hold down the shift button and drag the selection rectangle over instances
  • Drag the map with the H key, or middle mouse button
  • Magnify the map by using the mouse wheel
  • Block editor, assigns an object to a tile to be used as a block
  • Merge layers, merge a layer down to another layer, effectively combining them together
  • Highlight tiles, select a tile or tiles to highlight on the map to see where they are being used
  • Area Grid, another grid that outlines a desired area, useful if multiple rooms in one room
  • Metric change, can define a room size in pixels or tiles
  • Quick toggle layers by pressing the up or down arrow keys, hide or show by pressing U key
  • The mouse icon always displays the currently selected layer

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